🙏Can we catch a break, Mother Nature?

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 7/22/19


My goodness, if it's not ridiculous heat, it's something stirring in the tropics.

Yep, I said something is stirring in the tropics, and as much as I love working, I would like to skip out on a stationwide sleepover, storm preparations and all that jazz, and I'm sure you'd love to, as well. What do you say we cross our fingers and hope this thing misses us? In the meantime, though, let's see what we're working with right now.

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🌀 Tropical disturbance

As I just mentioned, all eyes are on the tropics right now as a weather system moves through the Bahamas. As of now, it's looking like it could develop into a tropical depression. What does that mean for us? Find out with this list of five things to know about the tropical disturbance off Florida.

🌡️ Heat wave ending

Remember last week when weren't worried about anything in the tropics and we were basically just talking about how hot it was going to be for other parts of the country? Good times -- well, for us. People and animals in those areas were pretty much doing anything to stay cool. Seriously, zoo animals were eating popsicles and ice blocks, and they looked adorable doing it. Anyway, the good news is that the heat is finally coming to an end for them. See what's bringing cooler temps to those areas and when.

🇵🇷 Puerto Rico protests

The heat is on in Puerto Rico and this time, we're not talking about temperatures. Following a week of violent protests on the island, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló has announced he won't seek reelection and is stepping down as the president of his party. Will that be enough to satisfy the people? Get the latest on the political uproar stirring on the island and follow along as it develops.

🇺🇸 Hear from Mike Pompeo

I guess politics is the name of the game on this Monday, because News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth sat down with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo first thing this morning. Of course, they talked Iran and much more. Watch the full interview and share it. 

💉 Back-to-school season


Summer will be over before we know it, and the Florida Department of Health is making it a little easier for Orange County families to get those back-to-school preps taken care of this year. Find out how your student can get vaccinated for free.

What's the thing you dread most about preparing to send your student back to school? What are you most excited about? Share your end-of-summer thoughts with me at BVolz@wkmg.com. 📧 Then, save the date for our Getting Results Expo. It just might make the whole back-to-school thing easier. And if it doesn't, at least you'll get to hang with the News 6 team.🤷‍♀️

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