It's true: Toys R Us is making a comeback

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 10/9/19

Let the holiday shopping season begin.

I mean, it is only October, but with an announcement this exciting, I won't judge you if you start today.

Just in time to make it under your tree this year, Toys "R" Us is making a comeback. Could it be true? With Geoffrey the Giraffe's perseverance and the help of one major retail chain, it's possible.

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🧸 Target resurrects Toys R Us

Toys R Us is coming back just in time for the toy-buying season and, unlike the old days, you won't even have to visit a store to pick out your favorite items. You can, though, if you still want that full experience. You can thank Target for that one. Read more about how the companies are partnering to make it all possible.

🛍️ Oviedo Mall's plan for success

In the old days, shoppers practically lived at their local shopping malls. Since online shopping came around, malls (and Toys R Us, obvi) have had a tough time trying to stay afloat, but the general manager of one Central Florida mall thinks he knows the key to turning his around. See how he plans to get people living at their local mall once again -- but literally this time.

🌭 Here's something to 'cake shake' about

The area home to the most magical place on earth is about to get even more magical -- that is if Chicago-style food is your thing. If you've never heard of Portillo's, welcome to a whole new world. I mean, it's known for its Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches and a world-famous chocolate shake -- what's not to like? Find out when the chain is opening in Lake Buena Vista and how you can get a taste before its opening.

🌧️ It's still raining, it's still pouring

And honestly, I think I did hear that old man snoring Adrienne mentioned in Tuesday's newsletter. We're going to need to do something about that if this wet weather continues. Will it though? Check the full forecast to find out.

🍺 Florida Man: 'Hold my beer, gator'

I always think I've heard the most "Florida" story ever, but then I hear the next one and I'm convinced Florida Man is just here to keep me employed because he has no chill and can't seem to stay out of the headlines. This time, Florida Man and his friend are accused of trying to get an alligator to bite him. Because that wasn't enough, he also told wildlife officials he poured beer in the reptile's mouth. Find out what charges the men are facing and what happened to the gator.

😎 Who's ready to retire?

🙋‍♀️ Meeee (just kidding, bosses. I plan on working forever. Don't worry!) But if you're ready and you currently call Florida home, you're one step closer to saying farewell to the working world the right way, according to a new list ranking the best places to retire. See which Florida cities made the list so you can start making your moving plans right away.

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