Here's where speeding drivers are ticketed the most in Central Florida

150,000 drivers ticketed in 2018


ORLANDO, Fla. – About 150,000 drivers were ticketed for speeding in Central Florida last year

Newly released data from Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports 149,369 speeding tickets were issued in 2018. 


Here are the top five Central Florida counties where the most drivers were stopped for speeding.

5. Lake County

Your chances of beating a speeding ticket is not so bad. Of the more than 10,000 tickets issued in 2018, less than 2,000 were handed to drivers in a hurry to reach their destination. 


FHP: 4,975
CityPD: 4,774
Sheriff: 1,831
Other: 1
Total: 11,581

4. Brevard County

Don’t get too comfortable cruising 5 to 10 mph over the speed limit through some cities in Brevard County. 64% of all the tickets issued in 2018 were written by city police.


FHP: 1,063
CityPD: 9,558
Sheriff: 4,313
Other: 3
Total: 14,937

3. Osceola County

Close to 20,000 tickets were handed out. The Sheriff’s office wrote the most tickets in comparison to city police departments and Florida Highway Patrol. Lead-footed drivers, you’ve been warned.


FHP: 6,370 
CityPD: 3,073
Sheriff: 8,171 
Total: 17, 614

2. Polk County

Nearly 30,000 tickets were passed out to drivers caught driving faster than the posted speed limit. While drivers in Polk County don’t have to worry about traffic congestion they have to look out for flashing lights in their rearview mirror. Florida Highway Patrol issued more than 10,000 tickets to drivers.


FHP: 11,237
CityPD: 7,935
Sheriff: 7,962
Other: 3
Total: 27, 137

1. Orange County

Known as one of the most popular counties law enforcement stopped more than 40,000 drivers for speeding. If you have a road trip planned over spring break you might want to slow down. Especially if you have plans to visit any of Orlando’s theme parks. in 2018 Orange county issued more tickets than Polk and Osceola combined.


FHP: 11,841
CityPD: 10,970
Sheriff: 23,068
Total: 45,879

Here is a breakdown of the other counties in Central Florida:

6. Volusia

FHP: 2,422
CityPD: 3,623
Sheriff: 3,818
Other: 52
Total: 9,915

7. Seminole

FHP: 1,782
CityPD: 5,226
Sheriff: 2,001 
Other: 1
Total: 9,010

8. Sumter 

FHP: 2,825
CityPD :
Sheriff: 2,131
Total: 5,178

9. Marion

FHP: 2,203
CityPD: 2,249
Sheriff: 269
Other: 3
Total: 4,724

10. Flagler

FHP: 1,133
CityPD: 428
Sheriff: 1,833
Total: 3,394

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