‘Fall’ing into a new season


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Happy fall y’all! Well... Almost. 😍🍁😃👍

ORLANDO, Fla. – It took long enough to get here! Right?

Hey Insiders! Meteorologist Troy Bridges here.

Now, don’t get too excited.

Even though fall officially arrives this Saturday, it won’t quite feel like it. At least not yet.

Temperatures will be a few degrees below the average but don’t break out the jackets just yet.

The average high for Orlando is still 90 degrees!

Expect high temperatures this weekend in the mid-80s with rain chances a little lower than we’ve seen over the past couple of days.

A stalled front brought high rain chances to Central Florida this week.

Click here for more on those lower rain chances that you can expect for the first weekend of fall.

Time to add extra ice to your next pumpkin spice drink 🧊🍂

Hey Insiders, it’s meteorologist Candace Campos. The countdown is on to the official start of fall this Saturday. Unlike many of our friends to the north, here in Central Florida, we will have to wait a bit longer to see those cooler changes.

Check out what the forecast outlook calls for fall 2023, and when we usually can expect to see cold fronts make their way this far south!

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Although the temperatures might not look like fall for some time, there are still plenty of fun fall activities that can get us in the seasonal mood. Check out some fall bucket list ideas great for the whole family around Central Florida, by clicking here.

🍁 Peak Foliage is a “Leaf Peepers” paradise! 🍂


Break out the pumpkin decor and cinnamon brooms, it’s almost fall y’all! Hey there Insiders! It’s meteorologist Samara Cokinos here with you to talk about my favorite time of year — FALL. I don’t know about you, but the vibrant colors and crisp air are a few of my favorite things about autumn.

I know I know, it’s still hot here in Florida, but you can always take a weekend trip to see the gorgeous landscape!

Be-leaf it or not (shameless pun), but Florida’s foliage changes color too. I’m not talking about the dead palms that fall down. Click here to see when is the best time to see fall foliage right here in Florida or in other parts of the nation!

Fall is near, is your garden ready for the cooler air? 🍂

We say bye-bye to the scorching heat, well most of the heat, as we welcome the fall season this weekend. As we trade the hot and humid nights for crisp and cooler evenings, now is the best time to prepare your grass and gardens for the cooler weather.

Hey ya’ll, meteorologist Michelle Morgan here talking about how you can prepare those beautiful gardens for the cooler seasons.

As we change seasons, we tend to forget that our gardens and grass need our help to survive the cooler months.

September is actually the best time to get those gardens ready for the changing weather, so you can have a successful spring season when things begin to bloom.


Click here for some nifty tips on how to prepare your gardens and grass for the cooler weather.

❄️This winter could be very different🤷

I’m looking beyond fall! What’s up guys, meteorologist Jonathan Kegges with you. I know it’s still warm, but the winter pattern starts to give clues in summer. El Niño has been around since June and will get stronger through winter.


So, what does that mean for winter in Florida? You’re going to have to click the link! (The picture is a hint, though😊 )

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