News 6 at 6 -- 2/1/19

Restaurant owner says video shows woman putting hair in her food; what is Common


It's finally Friday. Here's everything you need to know to start your weekend off smart:

DeSantis budget

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has unveiled his budget proposal, which includes more money for schools and tax cuts. See what else the governor is asking for in his $91.3 billion budget and how it compares to former Gov. Rick Scott's last year.

What is Common Core?

DeSantis announced on Thursday that he planned to remove all "vestiges" of the Common Core program from Florida public schools by 2020. But what does that really mean for students? Get a full breakdown of what Common Core is and how the governor's new order could change it.

Dyer's re-election run

The man who has led the city of Orlando since 2003 has announced his bid for re-election. Get the details on Mayor Buddy Dyer's plan to stay in office.

Girls in Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America made history Friday when it officially opened the organization up for girls to join the ranks. Find out how many local girls are expected to join and tell us whether you think girls should be a part of the organization by voting in our poll.

Bombs in Florida

If you hear a loud noise in Florida this week, it could be a live bomb. See where the U.S. Navy is dropping them and who you should contact if you have a noise complaint.

Vaping in schools

You've probably heard how many teens are using e-cigarettes these days, but Brevard County school officials say they're really seeing the trend of vaping in the number of students suspended for tobacco possession. Find out how much suspensions have increased in just the last year, and why officials say students are vaping at epidemic levels.

Hair in food

Putting a piece of your own hair in your food just to get it for free -- would you do it? A restaurant owner in DeBary said one woman did it and he caught it all on video. Watch the video for yourself and find out why he chose to share it online.

Super Bowl forecast

Goodbye, polar vortex. Hello, warmer temperatures. It's a great weekend to watch some football on News 6 (or Super Bowl ads, since that's really the crowd-pleaser), especially if you have a TV outside. Get the full forecast to help plan your 2019 Super Bowl weekend.