Former Florida assistant insurance commissioner urges residents not to take Idalia for granted

Lisa Miller urged residents to ‘listen to your local emergency managers’

ORLANDO, Fla. – Lisa Miller, former assistant insurance commissioner for the state of Florida under Gov. Jeb Bush, sat down with News 6 to offer safety and insurance advice in the wake of Idalia’s imminent landfall.

“If your driver license says Florida, you need to be paying attention and evacuating when they tell you to do so,” Miller said. “Do not be a victim of it’s going to go somewhere else.”

Miller said everyone should review their storm impact status.

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For the latest, accurate information about our evacuation zone, click here. All you do is type in your address and zip code and you will see what zone you are in for the projected path of Hurricane Idalia.

“That tells you your evacuation zone, Miller said. “So if you’re in Zone A, it’s pretty likely you’re going to get evacuated. Zone F, probably not.”

Miller urged everyone to “listen to your local emergency managers it has an effect on your safety and livelihood.”

As for tips on dealing with insurance, Miller offered the following tips:

  • First make sure that your cell number and your email address are up to date and current with your insurance company. Most insurance companies have an online ability to do that. If not call the 800 number for your insurance company and make sure that you have kept that up to date
  • Make sure all your electric devices your phones, your iPads stay fully charged. We’re expecting this to be a utility electricity event, there will be lots of trees going down, high winds, so you may be without power unless you have some sort of generator
  • And you are going to want to take pictures, you’re going to tell your adjustor the story of your damage with pictures when that insurance adjustor comes to your house.

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