Bodies in Celebration home were wrapped in blankets, records show

Anthony Todt claimed children were at sleepover

A mother and two of her three children who were found dead in their Celebration home earlier this month had stab wounds on their bodies, according to the Medical Examiner’s report.

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – The bodies of a woman and her three children were wrapped in blankets in the master bedroom in a Celebration home when authorities found them decomposing, according to documents from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said they went to the home Jan. 13 to serve a federal arrest warrant for Anthony Todt on insurance fraud charges related to his physical therapy practice in Connecticut.

When they arrived at the home on Reserve Place, they made commands for anyone inside to come out before they ultimately walked in through the unlocked front door.

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Records show that as they entered, Anthony Todt began walking down from the top of the staircase. Deputies said they smelled the odor of decomposition when they entered the residence and it got worse as they went upstairs.

Anthony Todt said his wife, 42-year-old Megan Todt, was sleeping upstairs and their three children -- 11-year-old Tyler Todt, 13-year-old Alek Todt and 4-year-old Zoe Todt -- might be at a friend’s house for a sleepover, according to the report.

A man accused of killing his family in Celebration appeared in court Thursday afternoon.

Authorities said Anthony Todt called for his wife but no answer was received.

During the investigation, deputies said they could see through the open master bedroom door that someone was lying on the floor, wrapped in blankets. A foot that was sticking out of the covers was black and blue, records show.

Megan Todt was found underneath the blankets in the bed while her two sons were on mattresses on the floor, also wrapped in blankets, according to documents.

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Initially, deputies said they were unable to find Zoe Todt so they searched other parts of the house before realizing the child was under the blanket near her mother’s feet.

Documents released Friday do not provide details on what Anthony Todt told investigators after he was taken into custody. He’s facing four counts of first-degree murder.

Reports from the Medical Examiner’s office say Megan Todt and her sons suffered stab wounds but the 4-year-old did not. Their causes of death were listed as pending.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office said four bodies were found in a Celebration home on Monday.

On Friday, officials also released multiple calls made to the Sheriff’s Office before the bodies were found.

“I’m wondering if someone can do a wellness check on my brother and his family. They’ve been really sick probably for the past week and a half and I can’t seem to get ahold of them,” a woman calling from Connecticut told a dispatcher on Dec. 29.

She said she had been texting with Anthony Todt a few days prior but he stopped replying and didn’t call when he said he would. She also said she was unable to contact her nephew and sister-in-law.

“They’ve been really sick, I guess they’ve had the flu. They’ve had the flu probably for a couple weeks. They were really down and out during Christmas, the only one we’ve been able to talk to is my brother and now we can’t get ahold of any of them,” the woman said.

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Anthony Todt’s sister later called back and this time, she sounded even more concerned.

“There’s actually an active FBI investigation that’s happening up here in Connecticut and I, just in conversations with my sister, you know, my sister-in-law was making a comment, we just kind of put it all together about basically the world ending on the 28th and nobody has talked to them. Nobody physically talked to my sister-in-law since the 26th of December and my brother has stopped texting as of Monday, (Jan. 6),” she said.

She said authorities went to the home on Dec. 29 to do a well-being check but no one answered the door. She also said neighbors hadn’t seen the family.

Before a man allegedly killed his wife, three kids and the family dog at a home in Celebration, he was under federal investigation related to his physical therapy practice in Connecticut.

“It’s just really strange,” she said.

Deputies said the family was likely killed in late December.

Another call is from the property manager of the Celebration home asking for a check of the property because she gathered from social media that the family hadn’t been seen in some time.

An agent from the FBI’s New Haven office also called multiple times.

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