Coronavirus: Florida shoppers continue stocking up despite President Trump saying its not necessary

Paper goods, meet, produce and water continue to sell out

ORLANDO, Fla. – Despite a Sunday warning from President Donald Trump discouraging people from crowding and hoarding grocery stores, many people in Central Florida said they’re stocking up and making sure they’re ready in case they need to self quarantine.

Shoppers nationwide are in a panic surrounding the fear of the Coronavirus, which continues to spread nationwide with more than 150 Florida-related cases.

On Monday, stores throughout Central Florida were limiting operating hours and also how many supplies shoppers are able to buy.

Items like tissue, paper towels, bleach, meat, produce and water are selling out fast at most stores. Workers at many stores said they're getting new inventory by the day and things are still selling out.

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Many shoppers said they’re working to make sure their pantries are fully stocked in case they’re forced to self quarantine or be at home for a few days.

“I just want to get a lot of stuff, stuff that I know wont go bad,” shopper Keith Terracanra said. “Yes, you can never have too much water and can goods. I don’t eat canned goods, but if I’m starving I’m going to eat them.”

Some were caught off guard by the crowds.

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“We just didn’t know it was going to be as busy here today, but it’s insanely busy, more than even during Hurricanes,” shopper Jose Mena said.

During this nationwide panic, shoppers say there are a lot of long lines and most stores are like a mad house packed with people.

“We got groceries that we normally get, we just didn’t know it was going to be as busy today,” said shopper Jose Mena.

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