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Surprise, surprise, friends.

This isn’t the Bri you know and love, this is the Adrienne Cutway you’ve kind of met before and vaguely tolerate.

My bestie Bri is busy, busy, busy and because I’m a nice person when I want to be, I offered to fill in for her today.

That’s right, I’m fulfilling my act of kindness quota for the day and I thought it’d be a fun little activity to ask you guys to do the same. After all, given the current state of the world I think we could all use something a little kind in our lives.

Find a way to pay it forward then send me an email at acutway@wkmg.com letting me know how you decided to make a difference.

Before then, I guess I should actually do my part and deliver today’s headlines in a way that would make Busy Bri proud.

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😷 You read that right


Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That sign is posted outside the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and it does, in fact, say that you need to remove your mask before entering the building. Sheriff Billy Woods is making headlines today after he told his deputies that wearing masks meant to help stop the spread of COVID-19 won’t be permitted on the job except under certain conditions. Yes, that pretty much goes against the advice most medical experts have been providing but that’s Woods’ plan and he’s sticking to it, at least for now. Find out why the sheriff made the change.

Keep in mind: Just because that one agency has what could essentially be called an anti-mask mandate, there are plenty of other cities and counties in Central Florida where facial coverings are required. Check them out here.

🦠 Dangerously close


Florida is rapidly approaching yet another bleak coronavirus milestone: 9,000 deaths. I’m sad to say it but based on the way things are looking, I think the state will hit that mark by the time Bri returns tomorrow. As of now though, Florida is at 8,898 deaths and 550,901 cases. That includes 8,109 new cases and 213 new deaths today alone. While there really is no silver lining to the situation, Florida Department of Health officials say there may be a reason today’s case total was much higher than it was earlier this week. Read more on why that is.

PSA: The pandemic has caused an insurmountable loss of life, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s also created a financial crisis for those who’ve been out of work. While I can’t help those suffering medically, as much as I wish I could, I can offer a piece of advice that could at least help some people who are struggling financially. OUC is offering customers help with their bills and you can apply online.

🌀 Déjà vu


Weren’t we, like, JUST dealing with storm threats or did I hallucinate Tropical Storm then Hurricane then Tropical Storm again then Hurricane again Isaias? Either way, I am not at all thrilled looking at the new tropical depression that’s swirling its way through the Atlantic Ocean. Before you call me a worrywart, I am fully aware that it’s too soon to tell whether the system will have an impact on the Sunshine State. It’s not too early, though, to start preparing and making sure you’re following ClickOrlando.com/hurricane for updates. In the meantime, take a look at today’s forecast.

Helpful hint: If you’re wondering, “What even is a tropical depression?” then peruse over this guide with some of the most common hurricane terms explained.

🇺🇸 VP pick

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This happened yesterday just after Bri sent the newsletter, so this news didn’t make it into that edition. You know it’s not like me to include day-old news (in the journalism industry that’s practically ancient) but this was too important for me to pass up. Presidential candidate Joe Biden announced yesterday that he’d selected California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate. If you remember, Biden made it known earlier this year that he wanted a Black woman to serve alongside him if he gets elected. Among those in the mix was Rep. Val Demings, who once served as the chief of the Orlando Police Department. For an inside look on how Biden picked Harris, click here.

Not so fast: That’s not the only race you should care about. As I mentioned before, Bri is very busy now that the primaries are less than one week away. Can you believe it? Don’t let all of her hard work go to waste. Before you head to the polls, familiarize yourself with this handy, dandy voter guide she put together.

🥳 Parking lot party


A year ago that would have sounded weird and lame but it’s 2020 and now times are way different (in a bad way) so you bet your bottom I will take a parking lot party. A couple of local companies banded together to organize the Tail Break Rave later this month. Here’s how it works: Masked guests will arrive in their cars, get their temperature checked, and then park six feet from any other vehicles and watch as a selection of DJs perform on a big stage. Attendees can get out and dance but they’re asked to stay near their car so they keep in line with social distancing rules. Get all the details here.

If that’s not your thing, I put together a really long list of local attractions that are open and operating during the pandemic.

How is that for ending on a high note? I know it’s been a lot of doom and gloom lately so maybe that new event will give some of you something to look forward to. Let me know: Would you go to a parking lot party or would you prefer to maybe just socially distance from the safety of your own home? Send your thoughts my way: acutway@wkmg.com.

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