RipTide Race is the 50th slide to open at SeaWorld’s Aquatica

The 68-foot slide gives full view of park

Riptide Race at Aquatica
Riptide Race at Aquatica (Aquatica)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Ready, set, slide! Riptide Race at Seaworld’s Aquatica is a 68-foot slide, Florida’s first ever-dueling racer water slide.

And if you have a competitive nature, you won’t even think twice about it.

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“We actually built this on a patio of one of our restaurants so a very awesome job from our engineering team to make a ride this large, this tall,” said Brad Gilmour, vice president of Aquatica.

It takes 116 steps to get to the top, which gives you a full view of the entire park.

Then you take a green, two-person raft and off you go.

“You have three racing sections that guests get to go through and they wind through the twists and the turns and in those racing sections there’s a short wall, so you get a glimpse of who’s in the lead and who’s beating who,” said Conner Carr, a SeaWorld engineer.

And after you’re done cooling off, you can slide right into Ke-Re’s bar for some delicious snacks and drinks.

Riptide Race is the 50th slide to open at Aquatica and it’s the second tallest slide at the park.

“We found the space and we made it happen. Absolutely,” Carr said.

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