Did you know that September is National Library Card Signup Month?

Do you have a card? (Photo provided by the Orange County Library System)

Don’t have a library card? Whew, you are missing out.

Since September is National Library Card Sign-up Month, this is the perfect time to head to your local library and get one. It’s easy, it’s fun and, most importantly, it’s free.

With everything going digital these days, it’s easy to forget about the convenience of having a library card, which is why September being National Library Card Signup Month is so important.

One organization that wants you to sign up is the Orange County Library System.

In case you haven’t been to a library in the past couple of years, they are offering so much more than just books.

First of all, you can always read a book the old fashioned way, but if you’ve been converted to audio books or ebooks, the Orange County Library System has them. Your Kindle can be full of books all from the library.

And just like with movies, the libraries have kept up with the times. You can borrow DVDs of course, but you also have the option to stream movies you get from the library. How cool is that?

Delivery became a huge during the pandemic, as many people did not want to leave their house, and if you have an Orange County Library System card and live in Orange County, you can get books and movies delivered straight to your door.

If you sign up for a library card this month, you’ll also receive a sticker, similar to the “I Voted” stickers, letting folks know that you’re a proud holder of a new library card. It’s fun to wear and will hopefully encourage others to sign up for this free service.

There are additional perks to getting a library card with the Orange County Library System, such as access to the Melrose Center, which is full of audio and photography studios, special story times for the little ones, classes, such as cooking, budgeting and learning Photoshop, and gaining access to the Local Wanderer program, which gets you tickets to arts and cultural events throughout Orange County.

So, what are you waiting for?

This is the perfect excuse to finally make it down to the library and get a card, and the benefits are free and endless.

You can sign up in person or online. Just head to Orange County Library System’s website to find out more information.