Crane crashes down on Florida-based cruise ship; how long will wet weather last?

There has been absolutely nothing happening in the news today. April Fool's! Here's what you've missed on this busy Monday:

Crane falls on cruise

A large construction crane fell on a Florida-based cruise ship that recently made news after a Norovirus outbreak. See the video taken Monday in the Bahamas that shows the crane resting on the Oasis of the Seas.

Governor's announcements

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made two major announcements Monday in Central Florida, including an appointment for Florida's surgeon general and the creation of an opioid task force to combat drug use. Get the details on both and how they'll impact Floridians.

Dangerous rip currents

More than 100 beachgoers were rescued from rip currents in Volusia County over the weekend. Find out what you need to know about rip currents and warning flags while on the water.

Gas prices jump

You're paying the most you've paid at the pump since March 2014, according to AAA. See what officials are blaming for the 14-cent price hike in Florida.

Homes on Mars

Dream of living on Mars? NASA has taken another step toward making that a reality. Get a look at the top three designs for homes on Mars.

Disney data breach

Diners who frequent Disney Springs are being asked to check their credit card statements after officials say the destination was targeted in a recent data breach. See the restaurants included in the warning.

April Fool's 

If you haven't pulled a prank this April 1, you still have plenty of time. Browse our list of harmless yet hilarious tricks. If you prefer to skip out on the jokes but still want a good laugh, see the pranks some big-name companies are pulling online.

Soggy Monday

Rain has been falling Monday across Central Florida, leaving some areas soggy. Find out how long the wet weather is expected to last.