Florida sports memorabilia facility makes official Super Bowl coin for 29th straight year

‘The game doesn’t start without us,’ Melbourne company says

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Laser accurate like the greatest quarterback, the Highland Mint demonstrated how it makes the official coin for the greatest game.

The NFL designs each side and then Vince Bohbot’s team mints the Super Bowl coin for the coin toss and thousands more to sell to the fans.

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“Like we like to say, the game doesn’t start without us,” Bohbot said.

The Highland Mint is making the Super Bowl coin for the 29th year in a row.

That’s more than half of every Super Bowl ever played, including all 10 of Tom Brady’s appearances on Super Bowl Sunday.

Since it’s the first coin for a team playing in its home stadium, the Bucs logo looks right at home on Tampa Bay’s waves.

“The coin being minted in Central Florida, the game being played in Central Florida, with a team from Central Florida -- it’s a great theme all the way around,” Bohbot said.

So Sunday at 6:30 p.m. for the 55th time, it’s heads or tails, and the Super Bowl is underway.

“Twenty-nine years later, here we are minting the coin with pride,” Bohbot said.

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