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News 6 Happenings -- 8/4/21

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Ahem — is this thing on?

Hi everyone! My name is Brenda Argueta bringing you our newest newsletter to keep you updated on what’s happening around town! Hence, Central Florida Happenings 💡. You’ll hear a lot from me and I’m sure about my time in Colorado, but that’s only because it taught me how to appreciate the time we have — especially because most of my time there was during the pandemic 😳.

I hope this newsletter inspires you to get out in your communities and experience something new or try out a new place that you may or may not have definitely passed by before. We’ve all experienced a world where events were put on pause and while things are still not 100% back to normal, I think it’s important to take advantage of what is happening. And that’s where Central Florida Happenings comes in ⭐.

And if you ever have an upcoming event you’d like to share, you can send me an email at bargueta@wkmg.com any time.

Now, let’s jump on in! ⤵️

Cheers! 🍻

It’s International Beer Day tomorrow and boy, am I pumped 💪. I used to hate the taste of beer, but that all changed during my time in Colorado. After all the breweries I went to as a treat following long hikes to watching my grandpa pick up beer-making during the pandemic and trying out his homemade beer, I’m definitely a fan now.

That being said, I’ve been on the hunt since I’ve moved back to Florida for a good brewery that lives up to my expectations now that I’ve experienced the brews in the Rocky Mountains and here’s a good place to start. There were so many interesting options I saw out of the breweries on this list — uh, like a Banana Cheesecake Sour?! 🍌 I’m not gonna lie, I was definitely under the impression Central Florida’s beer game wasn’t as strong as Colorado but after looking up these spots, I stand corrected.

I mean, you can’t really blame me — especially after Orlando was ranked among the worst beer cities in the U.S. 🤭

All the supplies 🎒📚

I still remember the days my parents would take me and my siblings to the store to pick out our school supplies for the upcoming school year. It was the way to set the tone for the next year of school and what really made the end of summer vacation not too bad.

As many school districts are in the final days of summer, there are a couple back-to-school events taking place this weekend. The City of Cocoa will be distributing backpacks filled with supplies on Saturday to local families for free 🎒. To learn more on how you can receive a backpack, click here. And in Oviedo, a “Back 2 School Bash” at the Oviedo Mall will give kids a chance to take part in a scavenger hunt to collect supplies throughout the mall — here’s how they can join in on the fun.

🚨 Also reminder: this weekend is the last few days you can take advantage of Florida’s tax break on supplies. Here’s what items are applicable.

Free for kids 🦒

What better way to take advantage of the final weekend of summer before school starts than heading to the zoo? Oh and with free entry 🤑.

For August and September, the Brevard Zoo is giving kids free admission with a paid entrance by a Florida resident 🎟️. Children 11 and younger will be able to get into the zoo for free through the end of September. The zoo announced this offer as a way to thank “locals for the incredible support.” In order to use the offer, visitors will have to buy timed-entry tickets — here’s how you can do that.

Side note: If you’re heading to Magic Kingdom this weekend, you’ll be able to see President Joe Biden at this certain attraction.

That’s all from me! If you made it to the bottom of this new newsletter, you rock and you are now officially on my faves list (which does not easily happen).

Thanks again and I hope you’ll stick around, subscribe and really get motivated to check out some things happening in your community. Again, if you know of any events going on, please send it my way at bargueta@wkmg.com.

See y’all next week!


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