Here’s a list of back-to-school reads to ease first-week jitters

These kids books should help with the back-to-school transition

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Since back-to-school is here, some may get a little anxious about the first week of school whether it is their first or last one.

In order to help with the pressure, here is a list of back-to-school reads that would help students understand what the first day of school looks like, how to treat their classmates, and how to deal with school drama.

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Kids back-to-school books

The Day You Begin

This book is by Jacqueline Woodson and Rafael Lopez. It is about helping kids find the courage to connect, even when they feel scared and alone.

The book talks about feeling OK even when you walk into a room where nobody else looks like you.

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

This book by Ryan T. Higgins is an unusual story about a dinosaur who is excited to go to school and make human friends, but it’s hard for her to make friends because they are delicious.

This is a fun book full of unusual characters and gives kids an understanding of how to be compassionate with their classmates and make friends.

First Day Jitters

This book is by Julie Danneberg and Judy Love and is about a kid who is scared of starting over in a new school and how a teacher helps her through her jittery transition.

The book helps kids learn to dive into new situations and overcome their challenges.

Llama Llama Misses Mama

This book is by Anna Dewdney and it tells the story of a llama’s first day of preschool and how excited he is to look at all the books and games but suddenly when it’s mama’s time to leave llama is not so excited anymore.

The books help kids to learn how to deal with the anxiety of being away from parents and to know parents will always come back to pick them up.

5. The Night Before First Grade

This book is by Natasha Wing and Deborah Zemke. It is about a little girl named Penny who is excited to return to school and see all her friends, but here is the catch: her friends are not in the same classroom.

Penny is scared she will never see her friends, however, she soon learns how easy it is to reunite with her old friends and make new ones.

Middle School books

Sideways Stories from Wayside School

This book is by Louis Sachar and Adam McCauley.

It is about a peculiar school that was built accidentally sideways and talks about the divine truths and ideas that kids have when they are in middle school.

New Kid

This book by Jerry Craft talks about the struggle of being a new kid and learning to adjust to the new school culture while also staying true to yourself.


This book by John David Anderson is about the power of words and how they can affect someone’s life.

Posted tells the story of some middle school friends who need to learn to communicate through sticky notes when their middle school bans cell phones.

The Unteachables

This book by Gordon Korman is about a misfit middle school class that receives a burnout teacher for the new school year.

The story guides the reader through a series of events that help ignite back the passion for teaching and learning for the characters.

Fish In A Tree

This book by Lynda Mullaly Hunt is about a kid who has dyslexia and learns to not be so hard on herself during the process of learning to read.

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