Definitely-not-apocalyptic giant hole in Pasco County seems to be growing by the day

click image Screen capture courtesy Pasco County Fire Rescue/FacebookA giant hole in Pasco County is active and continues to grow.Yesterday, the reported the hole , which is on Spring Haven Boulevard near Little Road, was nearly 30 feet in diameter and nine feet deep. However, as of 2 p.m. Thursday, the hole had grown to 38 feet in diameter and 70 feet deep, according to a statement from Pasco County.Spring Haven Boulevard and nearby Varsity Club Sports Bar, located at 3523 Little Road, are currently closed.The county was first notified of the hole Monday morning. Since then, county workers have made visits to the site multiple times per day to monitor changes to the depression.Pasco County officials say there are no life-safety concerns currently.The hole is located on the private property of Varsity Club Sports Bar and the Spring Haven Homeowners Association. They have hired an engineering firm to manage what's possibly a sinkhole, but the actual nature of the hole will have to be determined by a private contractor.The United States Geology Survey defines a sinkhole as “a depression in the ground that has no natural external surface drainage.” This means that when it rains, all the water remains inside of the hole. This could cause a sudden collapse of land above the depression.In the meantime, Pasco County has put up a chain-link fence around the depression and encourages residents to avoid the area.