DeSantis vetoes warnings on lottery tickets, saying they would "negatively impact Florida students"

click to enlarge Adobe PhotosLawmakers seeking to slap gambling-addiction warnings on state lottery tickets and advertising once again failed to scratch out a winner.On Friday, Gov. Ron DeSantis, noting potential impacts to money for education, vetoed a controversial bill (HB 629) that sought to require the following warnings to be prominently displayed on the front of all lottery tickets: Warning: Lottery games may be addictive, or Play responsibly.DeSantis in a letter accompanying his veto noted that Florida Lottery officials expressed concerns the new warning requirements could affect marketing and participation in multi-state games.As governor, one of my key priorities is making higher education affordable for Florida families, DeSantis wrote. This bill reduces the Lotterys ability to continue to maximize revenues for education and negatively impacts Florida students.The veto came as DeSantis signed seven other bills on Friday.The lottery bill, sponsored by Rep. Will Robinson, R-Bradenton, had been a priority of House leaders.Former Gov. Rick Scott, now a U.S. They questioned if other states involved in the multi-state games would risk losing revenue from Florida because of the warnings and questioned whether adding warning labels would drive away retailers and consumers.Don Langston, staff director for the House Finance & Tax Committee, said during a meeting this month that even if the state lost the Monopoly game, people would still want to play.Amy Baker, coordinator of the Legislatures Office of Economic & Demographic Research, said at the same meeting that she didnt anticipate a significant exodus of vendors because theyre making money from the Lottery.